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Thursday, August 1st

winstonwolfe said: Sex? Wait, you disabled anonymous? How do I dele...

  • I like it
  • I’m a female
Wednesday, May 23rd

tangledupinblonde said: Why is cheese your favorite number in the whole alphabet?

I can count to potato. 

Sunday, March 25th

lizisdabombdotcom said: Hate to break it to you, but the dress rehearsal thing was for 2011. Alan Rickman is almost off of Seminar, now. D: But if it helps, he's amazing on stage!

Thats just a picture I got off the internet. I purchased tickets. Alans last show is April first and the I think Jeff Goldblum takes over.

Thursday, November 10th

tangledupinblonde said: Yoyoyo! So the special you were watching on re: black holes, did you know what year it was produced? Just curious. Holographic Theory has been around since the 70s. I think it started with the "weird" state of electrons, which have since been understood to "mesh" around an atom as opposed to orbit it like a proton. I believe the theory was disproved in the 80s. If I remember from college, it explains the "math" but fails when it comes to physical matter bc it's not two beams of light.

It was produced this year for PBS to much acclaim.

Thursday, October 27th

antikris said: Bitch, what the hell is this? Chilean Coal Miners Hooker?

Game Of Thrones.

Wednesday, May 25th

hydeordie said: yeah dude, cindy wright is the real deal.

Amazing.  I’m more of a lover of surreal work, but photo-realistic paintings are wild.  The technique required to do something like this isnt something I can even wrap my head around.

Thursday, May 5th

alanajoy said: Meh, so over LaLa Land...

I assume youre talking about the city of Angels?  Ill say this till the day I die, LA sucks.  Even the dirty underbelly is plastic.

I get plastic and superficial.  Im from miami.  I was getting past the velvet rope at 16.  But at least theres flavor in miami.  LA is like the worst parts of miami without the spice.  Just bland.


Id move to LA in a second for a great job.  Im so fucking over New York (its the best city in the world I just need a time out).  I want space.  And the sun.  What I really want is a job in San Fran but im on like Googles blacklist or something cause I didnt get a 1600 on my SATs.

Wednesday, April 6th

tangledupinblonde said: Since you're not responding to e-mail today, maybe you'll reply to your blog. Are you meeting us for dinner or what? Don't make me blog compromising picture of you, bitch. Love, The Punchbowl

I was busy.   But I came didnt I?  I hope those fried pickles didnt mess you up too bad.  Thanks for playing the piano for us.

Friday, April 1st

flapjacksblog4 said: I like candy, do you like candy?

I’m pretty sure you’re a spam blog, but I’ll answer this.  I’m not a sweet person.  I’m a savory person.  Having said that who doesnt like candy?  Its just not something I crave.


jhnbrssndn said: Any fool can start a PhD. My dog could start one. It's finishing that counts. And I'm a poor finisher.

Thats what she said.